New Student Data Collection Website

We’re excited to introduce our new website!

One of the most effective ways to encourage the development of future scientists is to provide hands-on research opportunities for kids. Here at the Konza Prairie Biological Station we offer experiential activities that are based on the actual research done by site scientists. Students collect data that, taken collectively, show trends and responses to environmental cues. This website presents this student-collected data for anyone to access for their classroom or individual project.

Organized into Charts and Reports, any interested student, teacher, class or anyone else may view the results of several years’ worth of data collection by visiting classes to the Konza Prairie Biological Station.

Each report or chart offers multiple configuration options including search and filtering, grouping and summarizing results and export to a variety of formats.

We hope you’ll enjoy and take advantage of all this site has to offer for your individual and class projects or just browse through the data!